Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hope you like my new look. I worked with Ellie at Rainy Day Templates. What a great lady! Please take a look at her site! Her blogs are beautiful!  Thanks again Ellie!!!

Since I've been gone...
-I have had knee surgery for a torn meniscus. Which went great! Thanks Cooper Bone & Joint Institute. Dr. Pollard is the bomb! Just some physical therapy and I'll be like new.
-I have read 2 books. (10 to go for my yearly resolution.
 *Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor-by Kris Carr     Very Good 
 *Three Junes-by Julia Glass       Good, but very winded
-Scrapbooking an 8x8 album for a girl in work who's expecting her first baby. I provide the lay outs and A will provide her photos.
-I attended a Good Samaritan Hospice Volunteer Orientation. I feel like I am being called to join these wonderful people. Many of my friends say all I'm going to do is cry. Which I probably will, however I will not let them know when I do! It is not just a cancer hospice, accepts all religions and ages. It's  not about death, it is about living!  Personally, no one close to me has experienced a hospice. My family goes fast with heart attacks!!  LOL!!!  Cancer amazes and baffles me. Why do some beat it? Others do not. Why do children's little bodies get invaded by this MONSTER!! I have read many blogs by families coping with this invader in their children's bodies. I pray for them and the children this affects.  I cannot imagine the heartbreak they feel.
I recently found out that my old friend T has breast cancer. She has to have a lumpectomy, then radiation and chemo. She is 47 ! Over the past 2 years both my good friend D and my co-worker G beat this MONSTER called breast cancer!!  Thank GOD they are ok! Oh, and J another co-worker of mine just was diagnosed with prostate cancer.    All very good and healthy people! What is up?  
-Finally, I signed up for my hospital billing course at the local college. I am so p--- off! The course was canceled due to lack of attendance. This pushes me back from pursuing a new career. But, I'm still looking for local classes.  This is something I need to prosper in for my future and insanity! Plus I love the program for Medical Billing and Coding-something different and right up my alley!   Keep your fingers crossed for me!!



Monday, February 23, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Time- simultaneous, or after; continuous duration. (Websters definition)

People need more of it, some waste it, wish they could change it, go back in it and many are running out of it!

I have wasted a lot of it!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Glad I'm not the only one!

I just finished reading African Kelli's entry today. Please take a look, she has expressed everything I am feeling right now. I feel like I can never catch up, time is slipping away from me again. Look its already going to be the middle of January. I have began a cross stiching project last week. But that is it!
Then I took a look at Me and the Blue Skies! My friend Preston who I've known and worked with for 23 years!! Great job on the diet! Keep up the good work! Hey Preston I saw the cookie cans! Glad the lids where on when I passed the table!
After reading your blog..came back opened by desk and eat a chocolate Tastycake. What is wrong with me? i gotta stop this!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Outline for 2009

Over the past months I have read and followed many blogs.
All the creative people out here is amazing! I wanted to make my Christmas gifts.  Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.  However, time got away from me as it did with all of you. 
It took me a few days to get my thoughts together for the goals I wanted to accomplish in 2009.
-Make all Christmas gifts for this year
-Learn how to knit
-Complete my 2nd class for hospital billing & coding
-Take the test to become a certified coder
-Read 12 books
-Lose weight
-Become further educated on RA-Rhumatoid Arthritis-I was diagnosed in early 2008. I want to beat this thing...it took a long time and many medications to get to the point I am at now, my body is in less pain. I have my good days and bad. Any additional information anyone may have would help.
-Volunteer to help the less fortunate
-Payoff my credit card by May
-Go to the movies more
-Blog more, like once a week
-Take more pictures
-Purchase a new car by end of May 

Of course these are in no particular order! :)
!! Happy New Year-may all you be healthy and happy!! 

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I hope everyone had a wonderfull Thanksgiving!
As usual Mom and I went to my sisters house. This year was the fastest dinner ever! We got there at 3:30 and were home by 8:00. That was ok with me since I had full and plenty. And then the football starts........get me out of here..................Eagles..............boo..................
Next year I want to volunteer to help serve the homeless. Every year I say this is the year!However, the holiday seems to sneek up on me and I usually have a "big event" happening in my life and I unable to participate in any program. Not next year though, it will be my top priority!
Flash back..................................2007
Last year I was in the process moving from my condo and settling/moving into my townhouse. I had my condo on the market for just about 6 months, when I got an showing on October 27th, and an offer that evening. Signed the paperwork for the sale on Halloween October 31st. How lucky it was last year and not this year the way the market is! Since I had not found a place. The next week the realtor and I looked at 25 houses in one week. Thank god for an aggressive realtor! My head was spinning! I moved and made settlement in one day! December 4th! I never felt such a sense of accomplishment and exhaustion at one time. It is hard to believe that we are coming up on our one year anniversary! When I say we it's me and my Mom!
This year ................................................2008
The remainder of my time has been spent going to school twice a week! I work full time from 8-5 Mon-Fri, and attend classes on Tue and Thurs evenings at BCC. The classes started in early Oct and finish Dec. It has been hard getting back in the grove of things. Studying and all the reading has preoccupied all my time lately. I'm proud of myself, I have gotten a 100% and 93% on our first two quiz's. In the next two weeks I have another quiz and my final! Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Change is in the air.........

This election is gonna blow the winds of change right through this country!
Things are going to get better. I feel it in my bones!