Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hope you like my new look. I worked with Ellie at Rainy Day Templates. What a great lady! Please take a look at her site! Her blogs are beautiful!  Thanks again Ellie!!!

Since I've been gone...
-I have had knee surgery for a torn meniscus. Which went great! Thanks Cooper Bone & Joint Institute. Dr. Pollard is the bomb! Just some physical therapy and I'll be like new.
-I have read 2 books. (10 to go for my yearly resolution.
 *Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor-by Kris Carr     Very Good 
 *Three Junes-by Julia Glass       Good, but very winded
-Scrapbooking an 8x8 album for a girl in work who's expecting her first baby. I provide the lay outs and A will provide her photos.
-I attended a Good Samaritan Hospice Volunteer Orientation. I feel like I am being called to join these wonderful people. Many of my friends say all I'm going to do is cry. Which I probably will, however I will not let them know when I do! It is not just a cancer hospice, accepts all religions and ages. It's  not about death, it is about living!  Personally, no one close to me has experienced a hospice. My family goes fast with heart attacks!!  LOL!!!  Cancer amazes and baffles me. Why do some beat it? Others do not. Why do children's little bodies get invaded by this MONSTER!! I have read many blogs by families coping with this invader in their children's bodies. I pray for them and the children this affects.  I cannot imagine the heartbreak they feel.
I recently found out that my old friend T has breast cancer. She has to have a lumpectomy, then radiation and chemo. She is 47 ! Over the past 2 years both my good friend D and my co-worker G beat this MONSTER called breast cancer!!  Thank GOD they are ok! Oh, and J another co-worker of mine just was diagnosed with prostate cancer.    All very good and healthy people! What is up?  
-Finally, I signed up for my hospital billing course at the local college. I am so p--- off! The course was canceled due to lack of attendance. This pushes me back from pursuing a new career. But, I'm still looking for local classes.  This is something I need to prosper in for my future and insanity! Plus I love the program for Medical Billing and Coding-something different and right up my alley!   Keep your fingers crossed for me!!



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